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Base cover

A handmade bed skirt, made in a DUX chosen quality fabric. Gives your bed a personalised look.

Starts at: £359

Based on 90x200cm, please contact a store for further information.
Base cover  ruskin 10 quill


  • Available in multiple colours and various fabrics
  • Available in all sizes
  • Custom made
  • Continental beds require a cover for the top and for the base
  • Only one base cover is required for a frame bed


To complement your DUX Bed, we offer the finest selection of base covers. These are available in all of our custom fabrics.
Base covers easily dress your bed and fit perfectly on all DUX bed models.


Width Length
96,5cm 203cm
152cm 203cm
193cm 203cm

Bed covers


The upholstery for DUX bed covers and bed skirts are available in a selection of DUX fabrics in different price ranges. DUX selects fabrics based on high-quality, durability, resistance to pilling and rubbing, lightfastness and sustainability.

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