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Mathilda bed skirt

A handmade bed skirt, made in a DUX chosen quality fabric. Gives your bed a personalised look.

Mathilda bedsktirt  ruskin 10 quill


  • Available in multiple colours and various fabric
  • Standard design has three sides topped in cotton fabric
  • Available also in two sides and four sides
  • Choose bed skirt height
  • Bed skirts with a height over 55cm will increase in price by 85%
  • Standardised measuring is, bed height + leg height - 3cm = bed skirt height

Bed Dressing


The upholstery for DUX bed dressing and bed skirts are available in a selection of DUX fabrics in different price ranges. DUX selects fabrics based on high-quality, durability, resistance to pilling and rubbing, lightfastness and sustainability.

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