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Sam chair

We would say a great chair as pleasing to the eye as it is comfortable.

Sam chair

A classic chair designed by Sam Larsson, easy to place around the dining table or as an office chair.

Sam chair chrome classic soft 88
Sam chair black naturale camel
Sam chair chrome naturale black
Sam chair black naturale camel
Sam chair chrome naturale perle
Sam armchair chrome naturale camel
Sam chair chrome classic 88


  • Available in chosen leather with support fabric plain
  • Frame in chrome or black
  • Chair without armrest
  • Mark tufted seat cushion with resilient foam
  • Decorative buckle on the back


Enhance your dining experience. The armchair was revived in 2015 as part of the DUX Design Revival but was produced for the first time in 1974. Sam is made in two different seat heights, the original was 45 cm, since people are generally taller, the demand changed as well, therefore it is also produced in 48cm.


Sam chair & armchair


Upholstery for Sam chairs is available in a selection of DUX leathers, using only high-quality material. DUX selects leathers based on quality, durability, resistance to pilling and rubbing, lightfastness and sustainability.

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