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Spider chair

A comfortable, relaxing, clean look with exquisite comfort due to DUX springs.

Spider chair

Classic easy chair designed by DUX Design Team. The chair's full support is provided by the DUX springs incorporated into it's oblong cushions.

  • DUX Spring system DUX spring system with interconnected coils

Starts at: £2,295

Based on price group 1, please contact a store for further information.
Spider chair chrome ruskin 10
Spider chair chrome dakota 28
Spider chair chrome ruskin 10 quill
Spider chair chrome ruskin 10 quill
Spider chair chrome dakota 24
Spider chair chrome dakota 24
Spider chair chrome dakota 88


  • Available in multiple colours and various fabrics or leather
  • Frame in chrome-plated round steel
  • Cushions in oblong shape with DUX springs
  • Filled with polyether and fiberfill


With its six oblong cushions and spider-like legs, the Spider Chair from 1982 is already a modern classic. It was reintroduced as part of the DUX Design Revival in 2012. With the same unique design, but a greater level of comfort than the earlier version, this armchair now comes with the Pascal system in the cushions, providing optimal seating comfort. You can easily place them next to each other or place them with space and the result will be modern, but inviting.


Width Depth Height Seat Height
72cm 85cm 77.5cm 38cm

Easy chairs


Upholstery for DUX Easy chairs are available in a selection of DUX fabrics and leathers, using only high-quality choice materials in different price ranges. DUX selects fabrics and leathers based on quality, durability, resistance to pilling and rubbing, lightfastness and sustainability.

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